Viewing (on-demand distribution) began after the 43rd Japan Association for Medical Informatics Conference (24th Japan Association for Medical Informatics Academic Conference). The viewing period is from Wednesday, January 2024, 1 to Wednesday, November 10, 11.

If you wish to watch later, please use the account issued when you registered for the 43rd Medical Informatics Union Conference.

If you would like to watch it later,Top page of the 43rd Medical Informatics Union ConferenceThere is a button available, so please click on it to enter the viewing site.

Only those who have registered to participate in the 43rd Medical Informatics Union Conference will be able to view the session afterwards. Please note that we do not accept participation only for viewing afterwards.

Please note that the following restrictions apply to viewing after this.

  • Tutorials, Luncheon Seminars, Sweets Seminars, Morning Seminars, Evening Seminars, and Posters cannot be viewed afterwards.
  • Even in sessions other than those listed above, if the speaker declines to make the presentation available for viewing afterward, it will not be possible to view it afterward.
  • Renewal points for medical information technicians and credits for social medicine specialists/instructors cannot be awarded by viewing the video later.

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