Regarding the establishment of “Usage Issues Study Working Group”

We would like to inform you that the Standards Development and Maintenance Subcommittee has established a "Usage Issues Study Working Group" within the subcommittee.

The current situation is that JAMI usage based on the standard usage glossary established by the Japan Pharmacists Association and the Japan Hospital Pharmacists Association and electronic prescription usage are mixed, but the national medical information platform that will be developed in the future will provide electronic prescription management services. It is to be used. We have decided to examine the usage of both methods and create guides for each case and respond to issues.

The members of the working group are as follows. (Titles omitted, in no particular order)

Working group name: Usage issue study working group
Leader: Kazuyuki Ikeda (Japan Association for Medical Informatics)
Member: Ryohiro Funakoshi (Japanese Hospital Pharmacists Association)
       Atsushi Takada (Japanese Hospital Pharmacists Association)
       Hirokazu Horikoshi (Japan Pharmaceutical Association)
       Chihiro Tanaka (Japan Pharmaceutical Association)
       Satomi Nagashima (Rinchu Net SWG3)
       Naoki Yoshida (Rinchu Net SWG3)
       Michihiro Takeda (Rinchu Net SWG3)
       Yoshihito Aragaki (Health, Medical and Welfare Information System Industry Association)
       Masahiko Kimura (Health, Medical and Welfare Information System Industry Association)
       Toyoaki Nakako (Health, Medical and Welfare Information System Industry Association)
       Eizen Kimura (Japan Association for Medical Informatics)
       Yasunari Shiokawa (Japan Association for Medical Informatics)
       Masakazu Shimomura (Japan Association for Medical Informatics)
       Shinichiro Yokota (Japan Association for Medical Informatics)
       Takanori Yamashita (Japan Association for Medical Informatics)

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