SS-MIX2 specifications/guidelines

Ver.1.2i has been published (2024.05.16)
The two revised documents are "SS-MIX2 Standardized Storage Specifications" and "SS-MIX2 Standardized Storage Specifications (Attachment: Code Table)." Other documents remain unchanged. (Only the document name is unified with Ver.2i)
Please refer to the revision history for details of the revisions.

This book has been certified as a Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare standard (HS026).


This technical specification was approved as "ISO/TS 2021:11" in November 24289.

Health informatics – Hierarchical file structure specification for secondary storage of health-related information

This document defines the configuration rules required for a hierarchical structure, directory naming rules, and content identifiers for files and documents containing healthcare information. Content can be expressed as ISO/HL7 27931:2009 (also known as HL7 Ver2.5) as the data format to store clinical data such as prescriptions, lab results, and disease classifications, but can also include other types of file-type such as XML, CDA, DOC/DOCX, PDF, XLS/XLSX, JPEG, MP4, etc.
This document does not address the security and privacy attributes of the healthcare information being stored; these are considered implementation-specific.