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For academic exchange of medical informatics researchers and persons practicing medical informatics.Japanese
The 21st Spring Meeting of JAMI(Symposium 2017 in Fukui)
Dates:June 1st(Thu.) thro 3rd(Sat)
Venue:Phoenix Plaza (Fukui City)
Conference Chair: Prof. Yoshinori Yamashita (University of Fukui)
(Posted on June 8th, 2016)
A wake-up call regarding security for healthcare information systems.
A wake-up call (in Japanese) encouraging another review of healthcare information systems has been posted in the [Medical & Healthcare] section.
(Posted on June 24, 2015)
Recommendations from the JAMI "Individually tailoring the Act on Protection of Personal Information in healthcare". "The nature of shared ID numbers used in healthcare". (JAMI October 17, 2012)
(Posted on November 25, 2014)
An updated version (Ver.1.2c) of the SS-MIX2 specification and guidelines has been released.
The SS-MIX2 page has been updated. (for detail, see the SS-MIX2 page)
(Updated on June 23, 2015)
Policies on actions of the Japan Association for Medical Informatics have been posted. "Medical Informatics issues and the Japan Association fro Medical Informatics"
(Posted on June 30, 2014)
In concert with the Japan Diabetes Society, the Japanese Society of Hypertension , the Japan Atherosclerosis Society, and the Japanese Society of Nephrology, "Minimum Sets of Data Elements" for 4 lifestyle-related diseases and "Transferable Data from Personal Medical Records" has been released.
(Posted on July 2. 2014)
Documents on SS-MIX2 can be downloaded in the page on SS-MIX2.
Recently, JAMI released a document which describes the structure of the storage and the ipmlementation guideline. Please visit the "about JAMI" page.
A document describes the structure of SS-MIX2 standardized storage and it's implementation guide is available here.
You can download the document to click "MORE" button.
URL of IMIA (International Medical Informatics Association) : http://www.imia.org/
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