変更文書は、「SS-MIX2 標準化ストレージ仕様書」と「SS-MIX2 標準化ストレージ仕様書(別紙:コード表)」の2文書です。その他の文書は変更していません。(文書名のみ Ver.1.2i で統一)



本技術仕様は、2021年11月に「ISO/TS 24289:2021」として承認されました。

Health informatics – Hierarchical file structure specification for secondary storage of health-related information

This document defines the configuration rules required for a hierarchical structure, directory naming rules, and content identifiers for files and documents containing healthcare information. Content can be expressed as ISO/HL7 27931:2009 (also known as HL7 Ver2.5) as the data format to store clinical data such as prescriptions, lab results, and disease classifications, but can also include other types of file-type such as XML, CDA, DOC/DOCX, PDF, XLS/XLSX, JPEG, MP4, etc.
This document does not address the security and privacy attributes of the healthcare information being stored; these are considered implementation-specific.